Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i,m getting tension with this situation..

why ??
why and why?
and what is should i do?

tension not good to me but i really tension right know..
watch out leena..please accept everthing from people older than u..
please listen and try to improve..

no body know about your feeling so beware..
we don't know how to care someone feeling..
sometime it can hurt someone but at the same time we don't know..
please dear be serious and always care about your attitude...

i just want to let u know..
i,m really need your in our life,
please care about us and care about our feeling  and i know u already married
with mak teh ,please dont ever and never make us like " anak yatim piatu" i dont know how to said..
my hurt very broken..
need my mom!

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