Tuesday, November 22, 2011

continue my degree?okay or not?

dont know how to said.. but
fo me study is a basic in our life...
sometime as a student just want to taken diploma only not the knowledge..
for the others ,
i,m so sorry because i really tired to study because i,m not a excellent student..
and just want my father feel happy when i got the diploma..

thats all..
my mother already passed,," i just do it for ayah and her"
i,m dont think that i can achieve target at the second study i just want relax and find a good job in my life.

and now i already get the job as a clerk in hyundai service center,,
for your information..

* i dont know about spare part..
*i,m blank and blur..(my manager always mad with me because i,m a blur person so i,m pretending to be a good workers..)
i know with his angry can make me change my atittt\ude so i have to be careful with this.

chayok2 syg .. u ca do it leena..

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