Thursday, November 24, 2011

ayah oh ayah.. where are you right?

 we really miss u and care about u, always thinking about u, what are u doing there? we dont know..
we need your " kasih sayang" how we can get it back? we dont know. we also dont want to go to puchong because have a little bit problem especially my sister " along" she never accept our" new mom" we also but we just tried and serve her with a good face...

my father coming home but i'm not at home.. so i felt so sad..
sad,sad and sad..
so i decided to be cool and never think it too much..
i know one of the day i can see him....

father did you know about me right now, what i,m doing? i think if i go run away from u , i never feel that u want to find me..
so just silent.happy with my sister and brother in law also my nephew..
don't know how to create my own feeling because father and i very close one.. so i think that he really far from me..


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